Different types of pages and their functions

You may have already noticed that you can add a number of different pages to your website 

When you click the add page button on the left side of your editor you will see a list of 6 different page types that you can use in your website. 

when you click "Add a new page" ...

> Standard page  

This is the typical page that you will use to build your site. It is perfect for adding text and having well chosen photos to illustrate your text. There are a number of different text and photo layouts that you can use on a standard page. 

> Gallery page

This is the type of page you would want if you have a number of photos to present. The gallery lets you place up to 12 photos on your page in a layout specifically tailored for presenting photos. The photos will appear small when they are on the page but when they are clicked, they will open up into a large size for your readers to enjoy.
◊ ◊ ◊ Why only 12 photos in a gallery? ◊ ◊ ◊ 
Consider the limit as an invitation to organize your photos in a way that will be easily understood by your readers. If you put too many photos into one gallery you are at risk that your reader lose sight of what your site is really about. Sincerely.
Note: You can create several gallery pages, dedicated to different subjects, or different aspects of your subject. This is an important key for your readers, and more especially for Search engines.
More about this important topic: how to organise your gallery pages

> Journal page

The journal works much like a simplified blog, it is easy to put the content of your blog directly into a page of your website. Each entry will get date and time corresponding to when you wrote it. The most recent 7 journal entries will appear on the page, older entries will be organized chronologically and can be accessed at the bottom of your journal page. 

> Spacer  

The spacer is not an actual page but works like a page in the left side menu. You can use the spacer to break your tabs into different groups. The spacer does not count towards the 7 page limit for Starter sites or the 30 page limit for Pro sites. You can use as many spacers as you would like in order to organize your tabs for your reader.

> Contact page

The contact page can be used to let your users easily contact you. Sure, you could put your email address on the site but then it is open and available for everyone. The contact page lets your users fill out the form and contact you without exposing you to spam. 
It is a very good idea for every site to have a contact page. The contact form will automatically send an email to the email address you provided to SimpleDifferent when you signed up for your account. If you would like to change the email that you use, you can do this in the "Account Preferences" menu. 

> Links page

You can make a link on any page by using the link button in the text editor but it is also a very good idea to have a whole page dedicated to links related to the content of your site.
Propose links to relevant websites, similar in topic to your site then your users will thank you. As a nice bonus, search engines will also see your site as a source of information.
The links page allows you to keep your links organized in categories. Keep it updated !