What you can do with the text editor

Thus is th etext Editor as it appears if you edit your site from the web with any browser.

When in Edit mode, just click on the text in a block to modify it.

You can add titles

make text bold

or italic

put it in the center

or align on the right

Making text bold

Text can be made bold by selecting the text you would like to make bold and pressing the bold button on the top of your text editor. Bold text will appear more important and will draw the eye of the reader. It is a good idea to make minor titles bold to show what is more important.


To make text italic you simply need to select the text that you would like to make italic and press the italics button, the one with the I. Italics is a great way to give particular attention to an item in a list or to set particular words in a piece of text apart from others. 


The Title button is a very important function.
Titles are important for both readers and search engines.
Titles are also a way of structuring your content so that it is easy for your readers to find the answers to the questions they will be asking.
They are also a way to give Google an overview of your site. Search Engines use titles as key expressions and try to understand your site partially through these titles. 

To turn a part of your text into a Title, select the text that you want to be a title and press the the 'title' (T) button in your editor. 
Please note that all text until a break (press the enter key) will be turned into a title. 
The size and colour of titles can be edited in the Theme Designer. (On Pro sites)

[ Visit our Write for the web guide, and learn more about how to use titles properly.]


You can use this buttons to align your text left, right, centered or justify it. This can be a very nice way to bring more attention to parts of your text or just make your text look neat and clean. 

The list buttons

The list buttons can be used to make a numbered or bulleted list. 
  • Simply press the button and start writing your list.
  • When you are ready to make a new item on the list, press enter and the text editor will automatically insert a new point. 
  • To finish a list, press enter and then click the list button a second time to turn it off. You can also press enter twice to end a list.

Clean text button

SimpleDifferent tries to be as copy paste friendly as possible, but odd formatting does sometimes appear in the editor and it is sometimes hard to get rid of. 
This little broom is a very handy button if you are copy pasting text from other sources (from Microsoft Word) for example and you find that the formatting is not what you expected. The clean text button will remove the formatting of all the text you have entered in a block. 

Creating links

In addition to these buttons there are also 4 link buttons in the editor.
read the dedicated page about using the link buttons. ]

Changing the color and size of your text

In a SimpleDifferent site, you can find up 8 different types of text. Each different type of text can be edited independently in the ThemeDesigner. Here you will be able to edit the size, the color and the font of your text.

Changing the size of all text at once

In addition to making individual changes, to each of the 8 text types you can make a general change to all of the text in the website. You can do this through the "Site Settings" menu. Click "Change the size of the fonts in this site". The default text size is "normal" you will be able to select two smaller sizes for your text. If you wish to make text larger than the default you can do this through the ThemeDesigner

Writing for the web is a specific exercise

If you are looking to write great content for your website please

click here to read our detailed guide on how to write for the web.]