Adding your own custom header or footer

The second and third buttons are the header and footer tools

The header and footer is one of the main elements that you can customize in order to decorate your website and more importantly give it an identity.

But did you know you can also upload your own header and footer?

You can do this in one of two ways. 

1. You could create your own header and footer from scratch.  

2. You could download one of the SimpleDifferent headers and customize it and make it your own by adding your own text or a logo. To download the headers and footers just go to the header or footer selection page, click view and right click to download the image. It will be a .png including the transparency you see on your site.


If you choose to add your own header,
remember that the standard size of the SimpleDifferent headers is 960 x 321 pixels.

And the standard size of the SimpleDifferent footers is 960 x 95 pixels.

You can upload bigger pictures if you like, SimpleDifferent will help you crop them and scale them to the right size.

You will be able to upload .jpg .gif and .png images. To enjoy transparency in your image you can use .png format. This can be a nice way to play with the blend between your header and the background colour of your website. 

The images shown here are from a gallery of images that are freely available for use with your SimpleDifferent website. [ browse additional headers and footers ]

But you can also find a lot of interesting Artwork under the search terms of "background" or "desktop background"  like for example