The Site Setting menu

The site settings menu is the bottom button

In this menu you will find all of the settings you need to parameter your site. These settings are unique to each site in your account. 

The Site Settings Menu

From this menu you will be able to modify the settings of your site and implement many of the very helpful features available in both Pro and Starter sites. 

> Modify the web address of this site 

Here you will be able to change the web address of your SimpleDifferent site. You can choose any available name for use with your site. If you have a Pro site you will also be able to use your own external domain name with your SimpleDifferent site. 

[Click here to read more about linking an external domain name to your website.

> Change the written language of this site 

Here you can change the language that your site is written in. This will effect the flag used when duplicating your site for Translation and the language that the contact form is written in.

> Site Author

Here you can change the author name of your site and choose if you would like to display a short piece of text reading "created by...." at the bottom right corner of your website. 

> Change the size of fonts in this site 

Here you can make global changes to the size of font used on your website. The default font size is set to large and two progressively smaller options are available for selection.
[ you can edit in details the type and size of the fonts with the Theme Designer ]

> Manage the e-commerce functions

The e-commerce functions will let you place Paypal buttons into blocks of your Pro sites. This will let you sell items directly from  your website. 

visit our site about implementing Paypal into your Pro websites.]  

> Site Traffic Analysis

Will allow you to easily integrate Google Analytics into Pro websites. This will let you know a little more about the visitors that are coming to your website, how long they stay on your site, what pages they read and how they find you. 

see the site dedicated to using Google Analytics with your Pro website.

> Integrate Social Networking 

All SimpleDifferent websites can integrate AddThis onto the bottom of each page of the website. This will allow readers to easily share the content of your website with their social networks. 

visit the site about using AddThis with your SimpleDifferent website.]

> Protect a page with a Password

On Pro sites, password protected pages allows you to restrict access to individual published pages. Only those with whom you share a password will be able to see the protected pages.

How to password protect a page of your site:

  • Check your "Site Settings" to activate password protection.
  • You will then see a shield icon at the top right of each page. (see illustration)
  • Click on the shield icon and you will see that the page already has a username. All you have to do is to set a password.
  • Share this password with anyone to whom you want to give access to the page.
Note: the username always starts with "page-..."

The kind of panel your reader's browser will show when they get onto a protected page