Keywords and Metadata

The key to Keywords    

Adding metadata to a SimpleDifferent site is actually very easy 

In the top right corner of your SimpleDifferent editor there is a key. If you click this key it will bring up a panel where you can easily edit the metadata to the present page.

You may already know ( or think you know ) about keywords and how they relate to search engine optimization but there are a few handy tips that you can implement to make your keywords work for you in an effective way.


The title of the page is what will appear on the top of the browser and in tabs. This will help people who are reading your page know where they are. It will also help Google to identify the content and the subject of your page. You should have a title that is both descriptive and easy to understand but also short enough to read easily in tabs or the top of a browser. It should also be a title that is highly relevant to the topic that you are dealing with on that page of your site. 

Where your readers will see the <Title> tag. Look for this title at the top of your own page.


This is the name of the file as it will appear on the servers. This will also define the address to your page, it is a good idea to choose something that is descriptive and helps people understand what the page is about. For example, the address of this page is:
Be careful here though, when you are in the early stages of building your site changing the title of your site is fine but once your site gets going and people have linked to it, changing the name will mean that these links are no longer correct. (SimpleDifferent changes all of your internal links automatically but we can't do the same for other peoples sites). 

<Description of the page>

The description of the page is the short sentence or two that appears below search results in Google. This may be the first introduction to your site that readers have if they find your site through a search engine. 
You should make sure that what you write here starts by the most significant words, is very clear description of the material on your page. You should also try to use words that are actually in the content of your page so that Google knows that what you write as a description here matches the content of your page. 

The <Description of the page> will show here in Google. Your short description will help your readers decide if they want to visit your page.


Actually, you could leave this field empty. Why ? Because, to understand your site and evaluate its usefulness, Google will find these keywords in to your page. 

You may still choose to fill up these meta data for other search engines. Make sure that your metadata "keywords" contains words coming from the content of the page itself.

If you have a keyword that you really want to use but you don't use in the content of your page, you should consider modifying the content so that the words you want to use are actually in the page putting them here.

Each page of your site should have a different selection of keywords.