Publishing your site

There are 2 sides to your site.

The private side 

In the Editor, you have all the tools to organize your site for your readers. It is what you see when you login to your account.

Press the planet to publish your site

The public side

The other side, is when you hit "publish online". Then, the last version of your site becomes accessible on the Web.

Publish your site to make it accessible from the web 

Publishing your website is a very easy process. All you need to do is find the icon representing our planet at the bottom right side of your SimpleDifferent editor. ( or the  "publish online" button if you work from a computer )

The first time you publish your site, you will need to fill out some personal information. This information is for legal purposes only and will not be published anywhere on the web or used for any other purposes. Please make sure this information is as accurate as possible. 
You will only have to fill in the personal information one time but you can edit it at any time in the "Account Preferences" menu. 
If you lock a page, it won't be published.

Practical tip: How to handle a new draft page?
If you are working on a new page you don't want to publish yet, just click on the lock located on the top right corner. The publishing process will then skip it. When it is ready and you want to show it to visitors, just click again and publish your site.

Publish early

People won't find your site until you start promoting it and Google won't find your site until it has a link coming from another site. So feel free to publish early, even before you have completed the site. 

  • It is nice to see your site with a fresh set of eyes, you will be surprised how many things you notice when you see your site the same way that your readers will see it. 
  • You can also have feed back from friends when you send them

Publish often

By publishing often search engines view your site as having content that is fresh and regularly updated. It is important to have new and relevant content to offer to your readers and to search engines. ( Note for webmasters : SimpleDifferent also rebuilds automatically your sitemap for search engines each time you publish your site.)

Take advantage of updates and upgrades

It is also a good idea to publish your site often. SimpleDifferent is constantly growing and offering better and more refined features. These features will automatically be included in your SimpleDifferent editor but you will need to re-publish your site in order for the changes to take effect on your website. 

If your changes are not showing after you publish your website

If you have published your site but the recent changes that you have made are not showing up, there is likely a very easy fix. 

Your computer actually stores webpages in its memory. This is done to speed up web browsing for sites that you visit often. If you find that after you publish your site your changes are not showing, the likely cause is that your computer simply has an older version of your site stored in its memory. 

To fix this problem 

You just need to refresh your page.
Usually this is done by pressing the arrow that forms the shape of a circle at the top of your web browser. You could also press ctrl + R (command + R on Macs). 

If that still does not work try typing a single question mark behind the web address of your site.
For example:
This is a handy trick that forces your browser to reload the page that it is on. 

If you still don't see the changes after trying all of these helpful tricks then please feel free to contact us for support. Don't forget to give us details and let us know that you have already tried these tricks.