Using links and providing files

The internal link button

Providing links for your users to follow

There are four different types of links that SimpleDifferent supports. 

1. Internal links

These are links that point to a location that is in your site and help your readers to navigate your site. The tabs on the left side of your website are actually links. It is also helpful to provide your readers links within the text to help them better navigate your pages.

To implement an internal link you need to select the text that you would like to use for the link. Once you have the text that you would like to use selected you can press the "internal link" button. You will then be able to select the page of your site that you would like to take the reader to when they click your link. 

It is a very good idea to tell your readers what will happen when they click your link.
Your readers do not like surprises.
[ You can learn more on our "write for the web" guide about how to use internal links ]

The external link button

2. External links

These are links that point to other sites. They are very useful for providing your readers additional information about a topic that you are presenting but falls outside of the scope of your website.

Here again it is a good idea to guide your reader and let them know where they will be going. External links can be especially traumatic for your readers because they will be taken away from your website when they click an external link. 
[ Click here to go to our write for the web website and learn more about links ]

Mail link button

3. Mail links

Mail links are a way to put an email address into your website. When the mail link is clicked by readers the default mail client will open and be ready to send an email to the email address that you provide in the mail link. 

To implement a mail link, select the text where you would like it to appear, click the 'email address' link button and enter the email address you would like to use.

Mail links are for specialized situations. Typically we recommend implementing a contact page into your website so that readers can contact you without you having to expose your email address. This will prevent spam. 

[ more about implementing contact pages into your website. ]

You can link files with the external links button

4. Links to a file

The file link is a way for you to provide downloadable files for your readers. You might find a reason that you want to provide a document, a .pdf file, a picture or a music file.
There is a lot of different services providing space to store your files, like dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, ...
The external link button will help you create a link to your file.

[ Click here to read our dedicated site about linking to downloadable files ]