Personalize the graphic aspect of your website with
The ThemeDesigner

Clicking the paint brushes will give you access to the theme designer

All users can choose a graphic theme for their site from the themes provided by SimpleDifferent.

But did you also know that Pro sites can use the theme designer to create their own custom themes? 

Almost every aspect of your graphic theme can be customized using the Theme Designer. You can make large or small changes to the background color, to the text style, size and color, and even to the border shapes and colors. With the Theme designer you can choose a graphic theme that suites your needs. 

Below are examples of some of the functions of the Theme Designer you will see what Pro sites are able to edit. 

To see how fonts will look on your website,
click here and visit the font demonstration site.

What theme should you use for your site? 

When you are making your graphic theme you should think about what type of website your readers would expect to see.

A very good way to think about this is to browse other websites that present a similar topic to yours and view their graphic theme. The elements that you find similar between these websites are what your readers will expect to find in the activity that you are presenting.

The elements that are unique to each website are the ones that make up your own personality and they are the ones that you can safely edit and customize to give your website its personality.

For example: Browse a few photography websites. Most use a black or white background, with a few using various shades of grey to present their photos. Knowing this, if you were building a photography website, it might be a mistake to put your photos on a hot pink background. 

It is a much better idea to provide the reader with a theme that they are expecting it will make them more comfortable with your website.

If you can put aside your own opinions and let your readers choose the colors of your website you are becoming a professional web designer.