The SimpleDifferent web editor's toolbar

     At the center on darker background, the 4 different working modes of SimpleDifferent. 

     On the right the settings and preferences icons are always available.

     When the Edit mode is selected, 3 additional icons will slide out. 

Each mode let you enjoy a dedicated set of functions.

• • • •

The Edit Mode

When in Edit mode,YOU CAN CLICK TO... 

   • Add a new block
Choose the kind of block you want. You can modify the type of block, even after you have text and images. Just click on the thin icon on top of each block.[ about the different kind of blocks for your site ]

   • Add new pages
Choose the type of page corresponding to the type of content you want on the page.

about the types of page you can use for your site ]

   • Add or edit Text
more here about the text Editor ]

   • Add or modify pictures, maps or video

The selected pencil indicates the Edit mode is in action

On the left of the pencil icon,

3 icons let you change the graphic aspect of your site

   • The Brush icon  ( It is a color palette on a Pro site )

allows you to choose a graphic theme for your website.

If you have a Pro site you can also Edit your theme by getting access to the ThemeDesigner allowing you to modify most aspects of the way your site looks, including the site colors, border sizes and text style and colour. 

more about the ThemeDesigner ]

   • The second icon lets you edit the top picture of your site

Click on it and choose a graphic header for your site, from our Album or from your computer.

   • The third icon represent the bottom picture of your site

Click on it and choose a footer. There are a series of matching headers and footer in the album but you can also be creative. 

[ about the Headers and Footers in SimpleDifferent ]

The hand indicates the move mode

• • • •
The Move mode

  • Rearrange your site. 
  • Change the order of the tabs and blocks in pages.
  • Change the order of photos in a gallery or the order of links in a links page.

The eraser indicates the erase mode

• • • •

The erase mode 

  • Delete content that you no longer want on your site.

Be careful here, if you delete something you will not be able to get it back. 

Helpful note. Do you have content that you don't want to delete but you also don't want to appear on your published site? Try locking a page.  

When you are in the edit mode, you will see a lock in the upper right corner of your editor. By clicking this button your page will become locked. It will not appear on your site when you publish it. 

The eye indicates the preview mode

• • • •

The preview mode 

  • See what your site will look like when you publish it.

SimpleDifferent already does a very good job at letting you edit your site in a state very similar to how it will look when you are finished but the preview mode will hide all of the menus and modes that you see when you are in the editor. 

These buttons indicate the Account Preferences (top) and the Site Settings (bottom)

_  _  _  _  _

There are also two settings menus
on the top right hand side of your editor 

The "Account Preferences" menu is on top.

  • Access all of your personal information. 
  • Change contact information, make sure it is up to date. 
  • Change your password.
  • Create a new SimpleDifferent site under the same account.
  • Duplicate your existing Pro sites in order to have them translated into different languages.

more about the Account Preferences menu ]

The "Site Settings" menu is on bottom. 

  • Change the address of your SimpleDifferent site.
  • Learn more about your visitors with Google Analytics.
  • Let your readers share your site with AddThis social network integration.
  • Sell items using Paypal buttons.

more about the Site Settings menu ]