The Account Preferences menu

The top button is the account preferences menu

This is where all the functions of SimpleDifferent that control or modify your account and manage the sites associated with it are located.

Choose your languages

Here you will be able to modify the languages that you would like the SimpleDifferent interface to be in. Currently SimpleDifferent is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Indonesian and Thai but we are continually striving to add more languages. 

Change Password

Here you can modify the password associated with your SimpleDifferent account. You may want to think about changing this password after giving a third party access to your site for professional modifications. 
If you forget your password you can recover it by email on the login page.

Change Email Address

Here you can modify the email you have on record with SimpleDifferent. It is important that we are able to contact you as this will be the only way to recover forgotten passwords. 

Edit personal data

All sites will need to have your name and address on record in order to publish. Please carefully read and accept the SimpleDifferent terms of service before publishing sites. This personal information is a legal requirement, please keep all personal information as accurate as possible.This personal information will not be given to third parties or be used to contact you with advertisements.

Write to SimpleDifferent 

Have something to say? Feel free to write to SimpleDifferent. Our software was build with the help of people like you. We are always looking for good ideas. Your experience will help us grow and evolve. Feel free to write to us about any aspect of SimpleDifferent. 

Create an invitation

Love SimpleDifferent and want to invite your friends or family? Create a personalized invitation for them. 

Receive our newsletter 

SimpleDifferent sends out an informative newsletter approximately once a month with news about SimpleDifferent and helpful advice when building your website. If you are not receiving this letter you can let us know here. 

Pay for your Pro sites

You want to update your Starter into Pro? Almost time to renew your Pro site? Additional years can be purchased in this panel at any time and will start from the last day of validity of your current site.

Create a new website

Each SimpleDifferent account can have multiple sites associated with it. You can add sites to your account here. 
Each account can have up to 7 Starter sites and an unlimited number of Pro sites. 

Duplicate for translation

Pro sites can be duplicated for translation. This is a great way to present your content to your readers in the language that they best understand. Each duplication of your site is also a Pro site and is free for the first year. The duplicated sites are linked by flags to facilitate your readers navigating between them.

[ Click here to read more about duplicating your site for translation. ]

Download a Pro site

The files which make your Pro sites can be downloaded. This is a good way to ensure that you have a personal backup of your site or as a way to host your site on separate servers. Please note that we supply all the files but can not offer support for downloaded files.

Unpublish or erase

Unpublish or erase individual sites here. If you erase ALL sites, your account will be closed and deleted from our servers as well. You are always welcome back at SimpleDifferent!