The different types of blocks you can use

You can click this icon on top of each created blocks to change its type without changing the content.

How to choose the right combination of text and images for your web page

Changing the type of a block. 

Once a block is created, you can change its layout by clicking this icon above the block. Photos will be moved and automatically resized depending on the type of block you select. You can do this as many times as you would like.

Below is a selection of the types of picture and text layouts that are possible and some suggestion about how to use them.

Small picture to the left of the text 

This should be used to bring the readers attention to the picture first, then the text become the main subject of this block. 

An effective use of this type of placement is when you want your image to introduce your text. For example if you were to make a list that describes people or a product, having a picture of that person before the text would be a very effective way to do this.

Small picture on the right of the text

This brings the readers attention to the text first. To use this effectively you could have a picture that supports the text. This type of photo location can also be used effectively to bring more attention to the text that you are writing as it will also shorten the text. Often an abstract picture is a good way to complement your text. 

Large picture on the left of the text 

This type of placement is for when you really want to draw the readers attention to the photo. 

The text on the side, is there just to help illustrate or define the photo.

The photo is the main subject of this type of block.

Large picture on the right of the text 

A large picture on the right of the text brings slightly more attention to the text but the readers attention will still mostly be on the photo. Use this location if you want to bring some balance between the text and the photo.The photo is important but the text is also important enough to spend some time reading.

Very large picture in the center 

This type of placement can be used for a scroll down photo gallery or can be used to bring all of the reader's attention to the photo. Depending on the crop that is used, this type of photo can also be very effective at creating effects to show that a page has ended. 

And don't forget you can always add text directly under each photo