The tools and functions of our favorite website builder

The SimDif tool guide is short

This is because Simple Different has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. Try playing with the tools. You will see that it actually requires very little time to familiarize yourself with this simplified website builder.

SimDif is so Easy. Exploring is often the best way to get to learn the functions

You could very well memorize the functions more quickly by exploring our favorite website editor than you could by reading this guide. You can click here to jump right in and start exploring SimDif website editor.
Have a look at the menu on left and choose the direction you would like to explore

If you would still like instructions

We also understand. Here you will find information about the SimpleDifferent tools and how to use them to implement your content to build into a site that is useful for your readers.

Among the topics of this helping site:

We also offer you support in the creation of your site

Your content and its organization are the most important part of building a website.

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