How you can use photos, maps or videos
to illustrate your SimDif site

When you click on the illustration of a block, you have the choice to insert different things

Using photos with your SimDif site 

Illustrating a website with photos is nearly essential to get more attention and to make your readers feel more at home when they are visiting  your website. The SimDif tool kit gives you a number of great features for working with photos. 

Checking the page about the different types of blocks, may also help you use your pictures accordingly to what you want to explain.

Important : Editing the metadata in your photos

You are able to add metadata to your photos in the form of a picture description. It is a good idea to add a description to all of your pictures even if you don't want to display them. You can also change the file name of the photo.
This is good for both people who can't see the pictures clearly, but it is the only way for Google to simply "see" and reference your images. 

There are two different types of photos you can use with SimDif

1. You can upload your own photos 

To do this you will need to have photos in .jpg, .gif or .png file formats. If you don't know what that means, chances are your photos are already in .jpg. You should also make sure your photos are small enough for use on the web. If you upload large photos, it will take a lot of time to upload to your site. Nevertheless, make sure that your pictures are at least 700 pixels wide.

2. You can access the Flickr Creative Commons photos for free

Many photographers and artists use the the Creative Commons attribution license to publicly share their photos and pictures. When a photo falls under this license, you are more than welcome to use the photos on your website as long as  you give credit to the artist. SimDif helps you in this process in 2 ways. First only Creative Commons photos will be displayed in the search results. Second when you integrate a photo from Flickr a small link back will be automatically added to your website so that you can play by the rules of the license. 

The SimDif photo editing tools

With any photo you use, whether it be from Flickr or a photo of your own you have a number of tools to guide in editing the photo for it to display properly on the internet. 

  Photo size
Photos should be small or it will take a long time for them to load on your viewers screen. SimDif automatically re-sizes all photos to make them suitable for web consumption. However uploading large photos can be time consuming and may not leave the photos looking as good as you expect them too. It is best to resize your photos before uploading them to SimDif.
When you import a picture you can also crop it. On the Apps, it with the button on the right side of the image.

  Cropping photos

You will also have access to a photo cropper. Simply enter the photo editing tools and drag the yellow corners to the size you would like to use. This will crop the photo for display. Your original photo will still be available so if you want to change the crop later you will be able to.  


 Flipping and rotating photos

You will be able to flip your photo both horizontally and vertically as well as rotate them 90 degrees in any direction. 

  Editing the size of thumbnails

You can also edit the way gallery thumbnails will be cropped in the "Site Settings" panel. 

Adding a Google Map

It is also possible to add a Google map anywhere you could add a photograph. Just click on the photo place holder and select the "Google Map" option and follow the directions to implement a Google map with your custom settings.
This map will be explorable by your readers and they will be able to easily find what ever location. No matter where you are in the world.  

Inserting a Youtube Video

You can add any video that is found on You tube. All you need to do is click the photo place holder and select the Youtube video option.
You will then need to find a Youtube video you want to share in our search engine. If you use the web, a browser, not an App, to add a video in your site, you just have to copy the link "share" of the video you want